2016-03-11 /cgi-bin/koha/opac-shelves.pl?rss=1&viewshelf=180 RSS feed for public list 2016-03-11 A concise text on advanced linear algebra / by Yang, Yisong. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9656 A course in arithmetic by Serre, Jean-Pierre, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9654 Algebraic coding theory / by Berlekamp, Elwyn R. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9650 Algebraic Geometry II / TRIM 73 by Mumford, David; Oda, Tadao /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9584 An introduction to Lagrangian mechanics / by Brizard, Alain Jean. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9653 Analysis and differential equations / by Pons, Odile. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9648 Bombay lectures on highest weight representations of infinite dimensional lie algebras / by Kac, Victor G., /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9652 Complex analysis / by Bruna, Joaquim, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9658 Dynamical systems and population persistence / by Smith, Hal L. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9659 Handbook of data structures and applications / by Mehta, Dinesh P. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9646 Integral, measure and derivative : by Shilov, Georgiń≠ Evgen'evich. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9645 Lectures on Lie groups / by Hsiang, Wu Yi, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9647 Lectures, problems and solutions for ordinary differential equations / by Deng, Yuefan, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9657 Matrix spaces and Schur multipliers : by Persson, Lars-Erik, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9649 Morse theory : by Knudson, Kevin P. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9651 Natural deduction : by Prawitz, Dag. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=7001 Numerical solution of partial differential equations : by Morton, K. W. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9655 Topics in optimal transportation / by Villani, C√©dric, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9660