2020-02-17 /cgi-bin/koha/opac-shelves.pl?rss=1&viewshelf=285 RSS feed for public list 2020-02-17 Architecture and art of southern India : by Michell, George. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10615 Architecture and art of the Deccan sultanates / by Michell, George. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10616 Digital image processing / by Gonzalez, Rafael C. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10611 Model checking / by Clarke, Edmund M., /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10612 Partial differential equations of mathematical physics / by Bateman, Harry, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10614 Understanding probability / by Tijms, H. C. /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10613 Vision : by Marr, David, /cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=10617